Theme 5: Promoting Good Governance & Inclusion




Tipping the balance: using multiple making waste mgt investable

Eric Chocat

Associate, Systemiq

Mapping the Landscape of Waste Pickers in Pakistan: Challenges, Opportunities, and Organizational Strategies

Shiza Aslam

Research Fellow, Karachi School of Business & Leadership

Key principles when developing the governance systems needed for new waste collection systems: experience from Project STOP Indonesia

Haricha Tambunan

Governmetn Officer, Systemiq

Marine litter prevention: Tools to overcome the global crisis

Dr. Juergen Hannak

Adelphi Research, PROMAR - adelphi

The PROMAR BlueBox: From Circular Economy initiatives towards an integrated toolbox for local action against marine litter

Dr. Juergen Hannak

Adelphi Research, PROMAR - adelphi

Towards inclusive and engaged solid waste management for cleaner cities and towns in South Africa

Catherina Schenck

DSI/NRF/DSI Chair in W&S, University of the Western Cape

Challenges and Key Factors in River and Flood Waste Governance: A case study of Jakarta City, Indonesia

Muhamad Afif

Research Associate, National Institute for Environmental Studies