Theme 2: Mitigating Climate Change




Measuring the Carbon-Saving Benefits of Waste Prevention Programs

Susana Freitas

Project Manager, LIPOR

Campaigning for food waste reduction

Ahmed Al-kharusi

Assistant Manager, be'ah

Financing Mechanisms Applicable Climate Mitigation Projects Through Waste Management In Emerging And Developing Economies

Fritz Kleemann

Senior Manager, Development Bank of Austria

Overcoming barriers to methane mitigation in the waste sector: Policy recommendations to drive down methane emissions in Latin America and the Caribbean

Kate Seigel

Manager, Clean Air Task Force (CATF)

Roadmap Towards Zero Waste and Zero Emissions

Rainer Oroh

Staff, Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Abatement of Climate Impact from Use of Technological Innovations for Landfill Closures and Renewable Energy Development

Rutuparna Joshi

Principle Engineer, Watershed Geosynthetics

Resilient sustainable healthcare waste management: a systematic review of approaches during the Covid-19 pandemic

Timothy Kurannen Baaki

Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University/THIS Institute, University of Cambridge​

Rural sanitation and climate change: Mitigating climate change by increasing access to rural sanitation

Odgerel Dalkhjav

Environmental specialist, ADB funded project