Dr. Tanujjal Bora

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Dr. Tanujjal Bora
Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology, Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand)
Dr. Tanujjal Bora is the Director of the Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology (CoEN) and an Assistant Professor of Bio-Nano Material Science & Engineering program in the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering at the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. His research primarily focuses on nanomaterial-based solutions for efficient solar energy harvesting and environmental applications. His other research interests include nanostructured thin films coatings for industry applications, nano- and biosensors for environmental and health monitoring, nanocomposite materials, optoelectronic devices, and green technology development. He has filed 2 patents, published 51 international journal articles and 18 conferences with over 2,300 citations and a h-index of 26. He received his PhD in the nanotechnology specialization from AIT, Thailand in 2012. He then joined the Chair in Nanotechnology research group at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman for his post-doctoral research until 2016. He has also worked as a technological expert from AIT Consulting in developing nanotechnology roadmap to wastewater treatment plant in Indah Water, Malaysia. Previously he received his Master of Engineering degree in Microelectronics from AIT, Thailand in 2009 and Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the North-Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, India in 2006.
Inrolled Programs : A Circular and Nanotechnology-based Approach for Upcycling Polyurethane Foam Waste from Mattresses and Beyond.