Sushant Daga

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Sushant Daga
Senior Associate
Mott MacDonald Limited (United Kingdom)
Sushant is a chemical engineer and chartered waste manager with nineteen years’ experience in the waste and resource management. His recent work involves contribution to the redevelopment of a major UK healthcare waste reference document (HTM 0701) and technical guidance for The Global Fund supporting investments in waste management in low- and middle-income countries. He has led strategic waste planning for a new hospital in Pakistan and an investment firm developing a health campus in Ethiopia. In the past he has worked with a number of donor firms including AusAid, World Bank, DFID UK and RVO from The Netherlands contributing to improved social outcomes from waste interventions that impact the most vulnerable in the society.
Inrolled Programs : Appreciation Ceremony, Solid Waste, an overlooked piece of the antimicrobial resistance puzzle.