Sumaiya Al-Siyabi

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Sumaiya Al-Siyabi
Technology Research Analyst
be’ah (Sultanate of Oman)
After growing up alongside 32 siblings, Sumaiya AlSiyabi learned to operate in busy environments! Living with such a huge family inspired her to become a teacher in her native Oman, tapping into her budding passion for science. AlSiyabi studied biology education and went on to work as a teacher, educating local youth on the study of organisms and the environment, indulging her love for the subject while providing a well-rounded base of knowledge for the schoolchildren in her community. In 2021, the Omani scientist received an Excellence Youth Award in Science from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth in Oman. However, five years into her teaching career and after making her own family with three children, she felt stuck in a routine, yearning to dive even deeper into the field of biology. The aspiring scientist decided to pursue a master’s degree in biology from Sultan Qaboos University, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, in Oman, chasing her dream while also balancing her obligations to her family simultaneously. After graduating, she started developing her invention and applied to Stars of Science for a chance to gain experience from the show’s experts and resources. she got the first place in stars of science season 14.
Inrolled Programs : Remediation and Disposal of Micro-Plastics
Remediation and Disposal of Micro-Plastics