Eng. Salah Jellali

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Salah Jellali
Senior Researcher
Sultan Qaboos University (Sultanate of Oman)
Dr. Eng. Salah JELLALI is currently serving as a senior researcher in Water & Environmental Engineering in the Centre for Environmental Studies and Research (CESAR) of Sultan Qaboos University. His research Interests include mainly solid and liquid wastes local management and governance in a context of circular economy and sustainability. One of his main developed topics is organic biomasses turning into high added values products (biofuels, digestate, and biochars) through pyrolysis or anaerobic digestion processes. Dr. JELLALI coordinated/participated to several national and international projects related to biochars reuse as efficient adsorbents for wastewaters treatment and/or as biofertilizers in agriculture. He was a member of organizing and scientific committees of many international conferences on water and environment. He was also appointed as evaluator of various national and international projects. Dr. JELLALI published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters related to the topic of sustainable management of solid and liquid wastes in the context of circular economy. He supervised many PhD thesis and Masters students. One of his PhD students (Dr. A. A. AZZAZ) obtained the best PhD thesis award defended in 2018 from his Excellency, the President of the Republic of Tunisia.
Inrolled Programs : Organic and Mineral Solid Wastes Conversion into Effective Biochars for Phosphorus recovery from Effluents for reuse in the Context of Circular Economy