Prof. Giulio Ferrari

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Prof. Giulio Ferrari
Consultant of San Marino Secretariat Environmental and Landing
GFambiente Srl; Department of Territory and environment of R:S.M. (Italy)
Prof. Giulio Ferrari Born in DOLO (VE) 15 August 1948, resident in Calderara di Reno (BO), via Valli n. 12 Graduated to full votes in Biological Sciences in the academic year the 1973-74 near the University LA SAPIENZA of Rome. Specialized to full votes in clinical chemistry and microbiology in the University of CAMERINO. Perfected in agrarian and technical Microbiology in the Institute of Agrarian Microbiology of Pisa. Professor in Environmental Hygiene and in Chemical of the environment since 1988 in the University of Ferrara. Culture of the matter in Hygiene, title conferred it from the University of Ferrara in 1995. Assistant in the Laboratory of Hygiene in the Province of Mantova from 1776 to 1977. Researcher in the University of Pisa department Agrarian Microbiology with relative assignments to the water depuration and in treatment of the refusals. Responsible from 1980 to 1984 in the searches and technological innovation in a great Company operating in North Italy in the environmental fi eld. In this period He has participated to the realization of great plants and in the planning of the services of City Hygiene both in Italy and United Arabic Emirate, United States, Republic of Panama , Jamaica, Venezuela, Egypt ecc. Managing from 1984 to 1987 in a Society of Bologna in the Environmental Service and Engineering, having numerous branches (offi ce) in all the national territory. President of the GFambiente S.r.l. in which engineer, chemical, biologist.
Inrolled Programs : Technical-Analytical Procedures for Verifying The Quality Of Waste Management Services In A Metropolitan City: The Experience of Rome Capital.