Prof. Flávio Ribeiro,

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Prof. Flávio Ribeiro,
Universidade Catolica
Santos “Unisantos” (Brazil)
Consultant in circular economy, reverse logistics and environmental regulation, he is a Mechanical Engineer, with a master's degree in Energy and a PhD in Environmental Sciences. He worked for 20 years at CETESB- São Paulo State Environmental Agency, where he was Assistant to the Vice-Presidency and Advisor of the State Secretary Cabinet, coordinating the State Policy on Solid Waste. He has provided consulting services to the OECD and was a member of the United Nations Sustainable Consumption and Production Expert Group. He is currently a professor at the Catholic University of Santos (UniSantos), and also in postgraduate and MBA courses at several other institutions, in the areas of Circular Economy, waste management, life-cycle assessment and environmental regulation, and has chapters in books and articles published in these areas.
Inrolled Programs : Innovation at Brazilian EPR systems for packaging: the promise of the “logistic reverse credits”.