László Uhri

László Uhri (2)
László Uhri
Senior Government Adviser
Ministry of Energy (Hungary)
I am László Uhri, a waste management expert at the Ministry of Energy, and before I joined the Ministry I had worked at a waste management company in Budapest for 15 years. Previously I gained experience in the field of communication and public awareness in the sector. For several years I was the head of the communications department of Budapest Waste Management Ltd. I am currently working on municipal waste management strategy. In recent years, I have given presentations on municipal waste management strategies at several professional events. I work on public awareness waste-to-energy, bio-waste management and municipal waste logistics, among others. I have a working relationship with ISWA of more than a decade . I gave a poster presentation at the ISWA World Conference in Deagu-I in 2011 and make a presentation at the ISWA World Conference in Novi Sad in 2016, both on the topic of communication and public awareness. For several years I was a member of the ISWA Working Group on Communication and Social Issues, I participated in the jury of the ISWA Communication Award. I have also been involved in the professional work of ISWA Hungary for many years. Regarding my studies, I graduated from the University of Pécs in 2000, with a degree in geography, and my second degree from the Budapest Business School with a degree in International Relations and Affairs.
Inrolled Programs : A mobile app for circular economy objectives or how to reduce illegal waste disposal.