Kartik Kapoor

Kartik Kapoor
Waste Management Consultant
Kartik Kapoor is a Waste Management Consultant with extensive experience in the field and has done a Master's in Sustainable Resource Management from TU Munich. He has worked on various global waste management projects, collaborating with organizations like the World Bank, the UN Environment Programme, and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ). Kartik has been instrumental in developing and implementing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies, focusing on plastic waste management. His responsibilities have included conducting in-depth research, stakeholder engagement, and capacity building in the context of EPR. With a strong track record of developing waste assessment strategies and initiatives, Kartik Kapoor is a valuable asset in sustainable waste management currently associated with GIZ India and Ambire Global. His expertise includes waste data collection, circular economy solutions, and innovative waste management methodologies. Kartik's dedication to waste reduction and environmental protection is evident through his extensive project portfolio, making him a knowledgeable and reliable EPR and waste management professional.
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