Kadhya Al-Hinai

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Kadhya Al-Hinai
Landfill Operation Manager
be’ah (Sultanate of Oman)
Kadhya Al Hinai: Landfill Operation Manager, MSWS Landfill & Project Management, (be’ah) - Kadhya consolidate more than10 years’ experience in the Waste management sector within Oman Environment Holding Services (be’ah), Oman. She spent 5 years working in Engineering, Procurement & Construction of Engineered Sanitary Landfills across the country including the construction of geosyenthetic liner materials. Since 2019 she is in charge of managing& controlling the operation & maintenance of 11 engineered sanitary Landfill Performance across the country. -She accumulated experience ranges from developing and oversee the implementation of operational issues, Landfill cells utilization & closure /post-closure plans & (technical & financial aspects). She do the review and analyze operational data/reports in order to identify any potential risks and develop remedial actions plans and oversee the implementation of the plans -She prepare, update, and oversee the implementation of comprehensive operational plans for all new and existing engineered landfills across Oman & ensuring the compliance with be’ah standards and international best practices. -She have develop be’ah’s technical standards for operations of landfill facilities -On Landfill Gas and leachate management areas, she worked in three of Landfill biogas extraction & flaring project and two MBR & RO systems projects.
Inrolled Programs : The experience of the Sultanate of Oman in converting biogas from engineering landfills into renewable energy