Gideon Sagoe

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Gideon Sagoe
Research & Innovation Lead
Waste Landfills Company Limited (Ghana)
Gideon Sagoe is an environmental engineer and a certified sustainability specialist with about a decade of invaluable professional experience in the liquid and solid waste management landscape. Driven by a strong passion for research, he has spearheaded and contributed significantly to several sustainability, sanitation, and solid waste-related research projects locally and internationally. Gideon’s research interest covers diverse disciplines, including integrated solid waste management, circular economy, faecal sludge and sewage management, all aimed at advancing environmental sustainability in emerging economies. He holds a master’s in Environmental Engineering and is a proud member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). Gideon is the Research and Innovation Lead at Waste Landfills Company Limited, Ghana’s leading firm in final disposal site management.
Inrolled Programs : Household hazardous waste: Gauging the knowledge level and its implication for domestic handling and disposal practices