Emanuel Boschmeier

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Emanuel Boschmeier
Scientific Researcher
TU Wien (Austria)
Emanuel Boschmeier completed his bachelor's and master's degree in chemical process engineering at TU Wien – Austria. Besides, he studied the Russian language at the University of Vienna. After graduation, he started to work for a large ceramic producer and was responsible for the technical reporting of 150 production plants in 27 countries directly to the CTO. Today, Emanuel Boschmeier returned to TU Wien and works in the research group of Dr. Andreas Bartl in an EU Horizon-2020 funded project called SCIRT ( Over three years, the project will demonstrate an entire textile-to-textile recycling system for discarded clothing, focusing on the recycling of natural and synthetic fibres, as well as fibre blends. Within the SCIRT project, Emanuel Boschmeier is mainly focusing on recycling of textiles containing elastane, which forms the focal point of his Doctoral study (PhD) at TU Wien.
Inrolled Programs : Polymer recycling solutions for textile waste containing elastane