Dr. Jovana Husemann

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Dr. Jovana Husemann
Business Development Management
Naue Group (Germany)
Dr. Jovana Husemann, Naue Group business development manager, has over fifteen years of experience with planning, developing and managing environmental infrastructure projects. In her previous roles, she worked closely with the executive teams in transnational corporation within M&A waste projects, an independent wastewater and waste consultant supporting diverse international institutions, local and central governments worldwide and as a researcher in an academic sector. Dr. Husemann is a biologist, specialized in environmental engineering (University of Stuttgart, Germany), material flow management (University of Applied Science Trier, Germany) and international cooperation policy (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan). Working towards innovation and society development within ecological limits by fostering principles of sustainable development and transition towards circular economy are her passion.
Inrolled Programs : Trashing the Old Ways: How the Arabian Peninsula Fast-Tracks Sustainable Solid Waste Management Practices.