Dr. Jisheng Long

Jisheng Long (1)
Dr. Jisheng Long
Chief Scientist
Shanghai SUS Environment Co., Ltd., (China)
Jisheng Long Co., Ltd., Director of the National Key R&D Program “Solid Waste Recycling” and “Intergovernmental Cooperation on Science and Technology Innovation”, an expert on special government allowances from the State Council, and a visiting professor at Fukuoka University. Focusing on waste incineration power generation and pollutant control technology for nearly 30 years, he has completed 6 national and provincial research projects, authorized 86 patents, published more than 40 papers, and participated in the compilation of 4 books. He has won the first prize of the China Ministry of Education's Science and Technology Progress Award, the first prize of the Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award, and led the team to win the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.
Inrolled Programs : Synergistic Sewage Sludge Drying Treatment in WtE Plants-A Case Study of Qingdao Eco-Industrial Park.