Dr. Amani Maalouf

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Dr. Amani Maalouf
Senior Research Associate leading the Waste Management research
University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
She holds a Ph.D. degree in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering. Her work applies interdisciplinary methods, including environmental life cycle assessment, socio-economic analysis, life cycle costing, emission accounting, and material flow analysis. These approaches enable informed decision-making on waste management, renewable energy, circular economy, sustainable finance, and climate change mitigation. Dr. Maalouf has a distinguished record of international publications in high-impact peer-reviewed journals, conferences, and book chapters. She has also contributed to international scientific reports, strategies, and professional expert consultation reports. Her international experience includes collaboration on projects in more than ten countries. She has served as a senior expert and team leader on various research and development projects funded by esteemed international institutions such as the World Bank, UNEP, UNDP, International Solid Waste Association, European Investment Bank, European Commission, and Royal Academy of Engineering. In addition to her research contributions, she leads the Research and Innovation Working Group at ISWA-YPG and serves as the chair of the scientific and organizing committee for the annual international ISWA YPG Online Conference.
Inrolled Programs : Identifying Opportunities to Remediate Dumpsites and Improve Waste Management in Developing Countries.