Aline Cardoso

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Aline Cardoso
Economic Development and Labor (Brazil)
Secretary Aline Cardoso has dedicated 6 years to her role as Secretary for Economic Development and Labour for the City of São Paulo. Her mission has been to stimulate employment and income generation for São Paulo’s residents while actively promoting entrepreneurship and driving economic growth. Her initiatives have encompassed a wide range of areas, including urban agriculture, recycling cooperatives, as well as the fashion and gastronomy sectors. Aline’s projects work within the principles of the circular economy, striving for a more sustainable development. His recent academic background is a lato sensu postgraduate degree in Social Urbanism (2022) at Insper, a formation in Leading Economic Growth (2019) at the Harvard Kennedy School, Studies of the International Economic Agenda (2007) at UNCTAD (2007) at UNESP, Graduated and post graduated in International Relations at the Université de Strasbourg.
Inrolled Programs : Panel Discussion #2 Shaping Global Environmental Discourse: High-Level Plenary on Triple Planetary Crisis, Inclusion, and a Just Transition in the Waste and Resource Management Sector