Aditya Handa

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Aditya Handa
Founder & MD
Abellon Group (India)
Aditya Handa is the founder and managing director of Abellon group. Abellon is engaged in finding sustainable development led solutions to India's most perilous problems, such as climate change, waste management, energy security, food security and realizing untapped human potential. Abellon Clean Energy is India's leading company in the domain of waste to energy focussed on utilizing waste such as municipal waste, agricultural waste and others in an economically and environmentally optimal manner. Aditya holds a management degree from Babson College, the world's leading school in the area of entrepreneurship. He is passionate about promoting entrepreneurial drive among people, and encouraging them to find creative solutions to the world's most complex problems.
Inrolled Programs : Panel Discussion #3 CEO Roundtable: The next billion tons!