ISWA Working Group on Climate Change and Waste Management




Panel Discussion: Waste Sector’s Impacts on Climate, and living Conditions A fast paced and lively panel discussion will combine the views of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition and of local stakeholders such as be’ah with opinions and expertise of different working groups within ISWA, like those on Biological Treatment of Waste, Energy Recovery, Climate Change and Waste Management and from ISWA’s Closing Dump Sites Initiative. The session is a stepping stone towards ISWA’s presence at the Climate COP28 in Dubai. How can waste sector activities contribute to climate protection en-route to de-fossilation? Where are the potentials of different waste management actors? Can the cycle of organic matter be restored rather than losing the resource to landfills or dumps? How can we revive ancient principles in today’s ‘modern’ world, improving living conditions? Which examples do we have already? Do we need to dig deeper in science or is there only a lack of mobilization, funding or policy? Do we need to team up with partners outside of the ‘waste sphere’, reach out to certain regions or create new drivers? This and more will be touched upon, in a debate between five waste sector experts moderated by the WGCCWM’s Vice Chair.
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Novrizal Tahar
Solid Waste Management & Ministry of Forestry and Environment (KLHK)
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Kgauta Mokoena
Chief Director: Chemicals and Waste Policy Specialist Monitoring Services
Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE)
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Yang Cao
Senior researcher
SUS Environment (China)
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammed Yunus
Co-founder & Chairman,
Yunus Environment Hub
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Karan Khimji
Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer
44.01 (Sultanate of Oman)

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